The list of the Participants of Exhibition 'Wonderful? Wonder World' 2018 Japan

The second Cultural and Artistic Festival of “Nezareh” Iran

The 5th international cartoon competition "Aleksandar Klas" 2018 Serbia

Winners of the Automotive Sector Cartoon Contest 2018, Budapest, Hungary

SIHG Talkings.. Chat with Silvano MELLO and Junior LOPES

Winners.. 2nd International Seferihisar 'Cittaslow' Cartoon Competition 2018 Seferihisar, Izmir, Turkey

International Cartoon Contest Golden Hat 2019 Knokke-Heist, Belgium..

The Nomination Of the World Humor Awards 2018, Italy.. Winners

XVIII International Salón Humor 2018 Santa Clara, Cuba

3rd International Humor Salon Of ABCD 2018 São Paulo Brazi.. Winners

Selected Cartoons.. 2nd International Cartoon Festival on International Al-Quds Day 2018, Iran

Selected Cartoonists in the 45th International Salon of Humor of Piracicaba 2018 Brazil

Winners.. FreeCartoonsWeb World Cup 2018 Football Humor Cartoon Exhibition, Beijing, China

1st International Antology Cartoons Contest 2018 Croatia

Winners.. 42st Italian LIE Championship Cartoon Contest 2018 Le Piastre Italy

Participants.. Automotive Sector Cartoon Contest, Budapest, Hungary

Actual Cartoons.. August 2018