SIHG Talkings.. Chat with Rucke and Mônico Reis

SIHG Talkings.. Chat with Rucke and Mônico Reis

Since we started to hold SIHG in 2012, we have gathered great works, done by people who are always taking humor, criticism and reflection in their art. To chat with some of them, we created the "SIHG Talkings" section.

The debut is with two winners in the 1st edition of SIHG (2012), which had the theme "Woman": Rucke Souza and Mônico Reis tell a little more about their work and what they have done in the last years.

Rucke: "The drawing of humor is a great weapon to fight against all kinds of prejudice"

SIHG - Rucke, what did it mean for you to be awarded the I SIHG-PE, addressing the theme "woman", portraying at the same time male violent behavior and the resulting complaint, without losing humor along the way?

Rucke -  I was delighted with the awards, mainly because I know that my work contributes in some way to the struggle that women have been fighting against this macho culture, which has always placed them as the object or property of men and is the main cause of violence against women. And the drawing of humor is a great weapon to fight against all kinds of prejudice, which is the origin of many cases of violence.

SIHG - What are you doing today, how is your daily life?

Rucke - I currently do caricature and cartoons for the newspaper The Federation, from Itu, and for humorous salons, as well as a freelancer for TV productions as a videographer.

Mônico: "I’ve never liked digital art, I prefer the traditional"

SIHG - Mônico, You were awarded the I SIHG-PE with a caricature of Cora Coralina, to pay homage to the woman, theme of the hall. Why the choice for Cora?

Mônico - Cora is an example of a woman who could touch the hearts of people with few resources.

SIHG - It was interesting that she was portrayed with a Bic pen in her hand. Does this have to do with your work being done with a black Bic, in a time of so much sophisticated material at your disposal?

Mônico - At the time I made this caricature I worked in an office and drew in my spare time. Little did I know that art would become my profession someday. Anyway, this caricature I drew at lunchtime from work and it was the same pen I used to work with. I’ve never liked digital art, I prefer the traditional one.

See the drawing process of the Coral Cora caricature:

SIHG - What have you been up in the last yeras? How is your day to day?

Mônico - Today I am a plastic artist and my art is in paintings made with acrylic paint on canvases. I work with art galleries, I participate in collective and individual exhibitions and I have a partnership with some establishments in which I divulge my work. The internet is also my great ally in this challenge.
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