15th International Cartoon Festival Competition 2018 Prizren, Kosovo

15th International Cartoon Festival Competition 2018 Prizren, Kosovo..

Open Call for the 15th edition of International Cartoon festival competition in Kosovo ">Book and Technology"
Prizren, Kosovo, 'HAMAM' Gallery 12 - 14 October 2018

Terms And Conditions Of Competition:
1. Theme:
1.1. The theme of a festival "Book and Technology".
2. Participation:
2.1. Right to participante at this contest have any author worldwide, regardiess of gender age, nationality or occupation.
3. Conditions:
3.1. You need to send us at least 1 (one) up till 3 (three) Cartoons. (If you decide to send your works via e-mail, minimum resolution for scanned caricature is 300 dpi).
3.2. Cartoons can be work from one or few artists.
3.3. Cartoons can be in black and white technique or in color.
3.4. Along with the cartoon, should also be sent;
- Autobiography,
- One photo,
- Contact details,
- Year of creation of  caricature or comics,
- Did you applied before in other competitions,
- Have you ever won any prize at other festivals,
- Similar works will not be accepted and you will be disqualified,
- In all cartoonsshould be signed with artist name,
- Withhout above mentioned details works (cartoons) will not be considered valid.

4. Deadline:
4.1. Cartoons should be sent up till 20th of September 2018.
5. Date of the festival
5.1. the festival will be  held from 12th - 14th October, 2018 in Prizren, Kosovo.
6. The Jury:
6.1. The jury will be composed from professional world artists which will make selection of works via internet no later than September 25th, 2018.

7. Awards:
1. Golden "Stone Bridge" award and diploma,
2. Silver "Stone Bridge" award and diploma,
3. Bronze "Stone Bridge" award and diploma,
4. Four special award and diploma,
5. Three Jury awards and diploma,

8. Address:
8.1. 15th edition of International Cartoon Festival Competition in Kosovo
"Book and Technology"
8.2. Kosovar Cartoon and comics association: Xhennet Comics
8.3.Address: Xhemil Doda #3, 20000, Prizren, Kosovo.
8.4. Mob: +383 44 288 791
8.5. E-mail: xhennetcomics@gmail.com
8.6. For more Information: htpp://xhennetcomics.blogspot.com
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