3rd International "Smile of Sea" Cartoon Festival 2018, Novorossiysk, Russia

3rd International "Smile of Sea" Cartoon Festival 2018, Novorossiysk, Russia..

31 July 2018 - 3rd "Smile of Sea" Novorossiysk, Russia
We are pleased to inform you of the 3rd International Cartoon Festival "Smile" and invite you to take part in it. 

The festival was established by the Novorossiysk City Branch of the Russian Union of Journalists with the assistance of the Administration of Novorossiysk and the Russian Academy of Arts. For the first time the festival was held in 2016, and we hope that the meeting with the beautiful humor-satirical art of the caricature on the shores of the Black Sea will grow into a good tradition. 

Theme of the festival: "World Cup 2018"
Additional topic: "Doping in Sport"
Works are accepted until July 31, 2018

Selection of caricatures for the exhibition and the determination of winners is conducted by a specially invited jury.
As a result of the festival, the winners will receive festival diplomas and catalogs. The best works will be awarded with special prizes. 
Technical requirements for works: A4 format for originals and their copies, JPEG (300dpi) - for work in electronic form. 
You can send the work by e-mail: smeh-novoros@mail.ru or to the address: 

353900, Krasnodar Territory, 
Novorossiysk, ul. 
K.Marksa, 44, office 5 

Phone: + 7-918-9873929, 
Phone / fax: (8617) 72-00-47 
We wish you creative success! 
Festival Director Valery VOLKOV 
Artistic Director of the Festival Alexander PROKHOROV

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