'Bir Kitap Bin Dost 1st International Cartoon Exhibition and Competition Istanbul Turkey

'Bir Kitap Bin Dost  1st International Cartoon Exhibition and Competition

Theme: “Children will Savethe World
"April 23 Children'sDay" founderandfirstpresident of theRepublic of Turkey has been a gift to the world's children by Mustafa Kemal ATATURK.
For this reason we; We have organized an international cartoon exhibition "Bir Bin Dost", a magazine entitled "Children will Save the World" for April 23 Children's Day.
We are calling all the cartoonists who have conscience living in any country of the world. You contribute to this beautiful celebration with your line. Every cartoon you draw will make a child happy.

The Rules of ExhibitionandCompetition:
1) With participation in competition is possible only by Internet. (birkitapbindost@gmail.com)
2) All submitted works hould be participating a contest for the first time. With an offence, there's a risk of deprivation of the achieved prizes.
3) The designs are to be drawn in A3-Size to deliver in 300 dpi dissolution and in Jpeg format. They know both and black-and-white, and to be colored, the coloured representation is exactly the same as the color technical treatment of the work is in cumbent on not a containment.
4) The closing date of the exhibition and competition is  06 Nisan 2018.
5) Pre-Selection Committee (İlhan Özdemir, Mehmet Saim Bilge and Agim Krasniqi); They will meet in Istanbul on April 08, 2018 and they will do first prize.
6) The first preliminary cartoons will be sent to the jury members by e-mail on April 10, 2018. The jury will complete the elections by April 20, 2018. Selected cartoons will be displayed between April 23rd and April 30th.
7) Received caricatures will be securely saved in Don Quichotte's archive. We certainly will getpermission from you if we need touse your caricatures for purposes other than displaying it in exhibitions and album.
8)Cartoons at the exhibition will take place in the "Cartoon Brochure" which will be published in the May issue of "Bir Kitap Bin Dost".Contest Album will be developed in pdf and, if sponsored, will be printed.
9) Prize-winning cartoons will receive a "certificate of appreciation" and a "certificate of appreciation and participation".
10) "Thank you and participation certificate" will be sent to all caricaturists who will take part in the exhibition.
11. A "Bir Kitap Bin Dost Honor Certificate" will be sent to all jury members along with "thank you" documents.

- First Prize: "Bir Kitap Bin Dost" 1. Certificate of Appreciation and Participation Certificate
- Second Prize: "Bir Kitap Bin Dost" 2. Certificate of Appreciation and Participation Certificate
- Third Prize:  "Bir Kitap Bin Dost" 3. Certificate of Appreciation and Participation Certificate
- Special Awards
- 10 Mentions

- İlhan Özdemir (Turkey)
- Mehmet Saim Bilge (Turkey)
- AgimKrasniqi (Kosovo)
- FadiAbou Hassan (Norway)
- FawzyMorsy (Egypt)
- Seyran Caferli (Azerbaijan)
- TvgMenon (India) 
Bir Kitap Bin Dost/İlhan Özdemir