X International Festival of Humor of the Amazon - Ecology in Trace, Brazil

X International Festival of Humor of the Amazon - Ecology in Trace

May 26 to June 4, 2018 - Belém-Pará-Brazil
1. Nature and scope of the XFestival International of Humor of the Amazon - Ecology in the Trace intends to be inserted in the calendar of events of humor of Brazil and of the world, with the objective to stimulate and to divulge the production of the graphic humorists. It is important that this humor room is a graphic gallery to show the talent and criticism of all the cartoonists concerned about the ecological problems that afflict our planet, particularly the Amazon.

2. Deadlines
OX International Festival of Humor of the Amazon - Ecology in the trace will be realized in the period of 26 of May to 4 of June of 2018, in the Hangar - Center of Conventions of the Amazon, Belém-Pará-Brazil, within the schedule of the XXII Pan Amazon Book Fair .
Application period: 15 February to 05 May 2018;
d) Opening and Awards of the Salon: May 27, 2018;
e) Closing of the Festival (Belém-Pará): June 4, 2018;

3. Modalities and Selection
Theme A: 
Ecology (Mandatory) - In this category all unpublished cartoons that deal with ecological problems and which have not been awarded in other events are considered. 50 papers will be selected.
Theme B: 
Caricature - In this category are considered all the unpublished caricatures of any recognized personality and that have not been awarded in other events. 50 papers will be selected.
4- Artists and directors of any nationality may participate;
b) Cartoons and Caricatures: Scanned or computerized works, 300 dpi, A3 format or 30 x 40 cm, RGB color mode, jpg (average) obeying the maximum limit of 1.0 MB will be accepted, unpublished works will be accepted, or works that have not been awarded in other halls or festivals;
d) Fill in the registration form with all the data of the participant: full name, artistic name, complete address with zip code, headphones, email, RG, CPF, bank details, works titles, production year, attach together with the works and send to email: humorecologico@gmail.com
c) Each participant may submit to the competition 02 (two) works by modalities: 1- Theme A: Ecology (compulsory), 
B: Caricature;
d) The registration of cartoons and / or cartoons selected in the previous editions of the Salon of Humor of the Amazon or in other Festivals and that are not unpublished are forbidden;

5. The judging committee
a) The organization of the 9th International Humor Festival of Amazonia will constitute a Pre-selection Committee that will indicate the works that will integrate the exhibitions.
b) The Judging Committee shall be composed of five members of well-known competence;
c) The chairman of the Judging Committee shall be an artist specially invited for this purpose;
d) The Judging Committee shall be responsible for awarding honorable prizes and mentions;
f) The decisions of the Judging Committee and the Pre-selection Commission shall be sovereign and unappealable;

6. Works and originals
a) The works sent for selection will not be returned and will be part of the collection of the Humor Hall of the Amazon;
b) The Project Organizers reserve the right to use any registered work, at any time, for the purpose of disseminating the event and / or carrying out project roaming by Brazilian states and municipalities.
c) No work shall be offered for sale or used for commercial purposes;
d) When submitting your registration form and work (s) the participant accepts and agrees automatically with all the rules of the contest;

8. Copyright
a) The act of registering a work automatically implies the assignment of the respective reproduction rights for non-commercial purposes;
XSalon International of Humor of the Amazon - Ecology in the Trace
May 26 to June 4, 2018 - Belém-Pará-Brazil
11. Awards a) A total of three prizes will be awarded: Theme A: Ecology: 1st place: R $ 2,000.00 (gross value) - Theme B: Caricature: 1st place: R $ 2,000.00 (gross value) of the transfers to the accounts of the winners)
b) The value of the premiums is subject to the legal taxes and bank fees in force at the time of their attribution / transfer;
The 9th International Humor Fair of the Amazon - Trace Ecology will take place in the city of Belém, State of Pará, from May 26 to June 4, 2018, in the Hangar - Convention and Fair Center of the Amazon.
Email to send the registration form and works: 

IX International Salon of Humor of the Amazon 2018
Ecology in the Trace
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