10th International Pushkinskaja Art Centre competition of caricatures 2018 St. Petersburg, Russia

10th International Pushkinskaja Art Centre competition of caricatures 2018 St. Petersburg, Russia

Art Centre Pushkinskaja-10 announces
International competition of caricatures " Shelter for the avant-garde."
Art Gallery"Art-League ",Partnership" Free culture", ; and Museum of nonconformist art, continue to draft " NOTA BENE or-NOTE! "
The theme of the contest-the role and place in the public life of those artists who defend their creative freedom. Competition focuses on Russian independent commune of artists and musicians "Pushkinskaya" -10 and the Museum of non-conformist art. The motto of the competition: " Shelter for the avant-garde."
We hope that the cartoonists will find enough humor that would show us that the multifaceted, contradictory phenomenon, which is today a modern and contemporary art, the place and role of the artist in contemporary society.

Conditions Of The Competition:
1. To participate in the competition must send their work (Format-TIFF, JPG, resolution of at least 300 dpi) to the following e-mail address:


(c) the heading "Application for the competition. The letter must indicate the name, biography, equipment performance and contact details. The format of cartoons-free.
2. Deadline of works reception-May 1, 2018 year.
3. Time and venue of the exhibition: June 30-July 29, 2018, " Art Gallery"Art-League ", Saint Petersburg, Ligovsky Prospekt 53.

The works selected by the jury will be presented at the exhibition in Art-Center "Pushkinskaya-10" and will be included in a virtual album-catalogue. Nominees recognized according to the results of the competition carried out by the jury who took 1-3 place, as well as the competition audience award, receive awards and prizes. The audience award is determined by voting online at www.notabene.org.ru
Each exhibitor will receive a personal diploma.
Email address for inquiries and forwarding entries: uar@notabene.org.ru
The curators of the project: Victor Bogorad, Yuli Rybakov
Phone: (812) 764-5371
Site gallerieswww.artleague.ru