20th Porto Cartoon World Festival 2018, Porto, Portugal

20th Porto Cartoon World Festival 2018, Porto, Portugal
General Rules and Regulations
The disorderly growth of cities, the use of polluting energies, uncontrolled industrialization, global warming, garbage and lack of water are making the world less and less healthy.
Following the call of the Let’s Do It Foundation, we must make the Earth a cleaner and healthier planet. In great powers are agreements and disagreements. Abuses of power. Intrigues. Many speeches, few changes. In addition to the lack of sensitivity to protect the future of humanity, there are distortions and crimes against the environment. For all this, it is necessary to intervene with humor from all over the world. The appeal of the Let’s Do It foundation, which combines different NGOs, fully tunes with PortoCartoon goals.
Cleaning the planet has several meanings. It is a strong theme for the 20th anniversary celebration of PortoCartoon-World Festival.

Following the line started in 2013, with the introduction of this field of Caricature at PortoCartoon, we have chosen for 2018 two world icons: the fado singer Amália Rodrigues and the filmmaker Woody Allen.

AMÁLIA RODRIGUES (1920 - 1999)
Acclaimed internationally as the “Queen of Fado”, the Portuguese artist was one of the most brilliant female singers of the 20th century and a true ambassador of Lusophone culture on all continents. World-wide, her live performances sold out and thrilled mythical audiences like the Canecão carioca or the Parisian
Olympia. She sold more than 30 million records and the recognition of Fado as “intangible heritage of humanity” (UNESCO, 2011) is very much due to her voice. Besides being a fado singer, Amália Rodrigues was also an actress and a singer of other musical genres of popular tradition.

WOODY ALLEN (1935 - )
The iconic figure of Woody Allen is mixed with the international film culture.
He made dozens of films and he participated as an actor in some of them. His baffling neurotic characters continue to amaze by the nonsense and daring of the dialogues. Especially in New York, where he is also practicing his inseparable clarinet, but also in European cities such as London, Paris or Barcelona, Allen makes cinema a restless inspiration about modern society. And he just launched a new movie.
3- Cartoonists can submit works for the MAIN THEME and for the FREE CATEGORY, as in the previous editions.
4- Artists who don’t wish to compete can send us their works EXTRA COMPETITION, informing of their decision.

5.1. Cartoons must be original. We accept any kind of graphical techniques, including digital artwork sent by e-mail, as long as the drawings are SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR, are identified as PRINT NUMBER ONE and as an original for this contest.
5.2.Can also be presented sculptures pieces of humour, in any kind of material.

6- The artworks cannot exceed the following measurements:
- in paper, 42 x 30 cm (DIN A3);
- sculpture pieces, 42 x 30 x 30 cm

7- Cartoons should be sent with the author’s Resumé, in Portuguese or English (publications, exhibitions, prizes…) and must be identified on the reverse with the following information:
-Author’s name and address;
- Year, title and theme section.
Estrada Nacional 108, nº 206, 4300-316  Porto - Portugal 

E-mail: portocartoon@museudaimprensa.pt

8- Entries should arrive at the Portuguese Printing Press Museum until February 28th 2018, along with the filled Entry Form.
9- The works should be sent to: PortoCartoon-World Festival, The Portuguese Printing Press Museum, Estrada Nacional 108, nº 206 4300-316  Porto, PORTUGAL.
Or to the e-mail address: portocartoon@museudaimprensa.pt

10- The participation in PortoCartoon automatically implies that the author waives copyrights of his works in any kind of platform, concerning the production and diffusion of the festival. 
11- The AWARDS, including a TROPHY and a DIPLOMA, will be the following:
Grand Prize PortoCartoon4000 Euro (half in money and half in Port wine), travel and stay costs for the Awards Ceremony in Portugal 
2nd Prize PortoCartoon1250 Euro (half in money and half in Port wine), travel and stay costs for the Awards Ceremony in Portugal
3rd Prize PortoCartoon750 Euro (half in money and half in Port wine),travel and stay costs for the Awards Ceremony in Portugal 
Special Award for CARICATURE 1st Prize 500 Euro (half in money and half in Port wine), travel and stay costs for the Awards Ceremony in Portugal 
Special Award for CARICATURE 2nd Prize 200 Euro (half in money and half in Port wine), travel and stay costs for the Awards Ceremony in Portugal
Special Award for CARICATURE 3rd Prize 100 Euro (half in money and half in Port wine),
travel and stay costs for the Awards Ceremony in Portugal Honorable Mentions 50 Euro
12- The organization does not ensure to send prizes on bottles of wine.
13- The Jury will have an odd number of members and its decisions will be final and cannot be subject to any type of appeal or complaint. 
14- The awarded works will become property of the PORTUGUESE PRINTING PRESS MUSEUM and will take part of the INTERNACIONAL CARTOON GALLERY. The others will be returned to the artists, if formally requested with the entry form, after
the exhibitions (during PortoCartoon and others in different cities and countries).
15- In case of using non-awarded works in other cases except PortoCartoon exhibitions or its promotion, copyright payment will be made to the artists.
16- All the artists whose works are selected for the exhibition will receive a DIGITAL
CATALOGUE, that will be sent by e-mail to download. If the artist wants to receive a printed catalogue, he should request it and support the shipment costs.
17- The winning artists will receive the prizes in june 2018, in a public ceremony