Cartoon and Caricature Contest Women Education for Peace 2017, Syria

Nour Foundation for Relief and Development announces its first contest for
the best cartoon and caricature on "Women Education for Peace".
The contest is part of the is part of the 16-Day Activism Campaign Against Gender-Based Violence

Topic: "Women Education for Peace" 

This is an important topic that we must shed light on due to its direct impact on the family as a whole; hence, the society, particularly in the time of crises.

The following subjects can be tackled:
Strong Women, Strong Society
Early Marriage
Domestic Peace Brings World Peace
The Right to Equality in Education
Forced sexual intercourse in marriage is illegal
Remaining silent about sexual harassment and assault is a crime against girls
Verbal and physical assault and discrimination against girls in educational institutions are serious crimes
Violence is not confined to any particular social background

First Prize: 150000sp + A Certificate
Second Prize: 100000sp + A Certificate
Third Prize: 50000sp + A Certificate
- Deadline: Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Contest open for participants over the age of 18
Only hand-painted sketches, black and white sketches, and sketches drawn and colored on the computer will be considered
Sketches should be sent as PNG or JPEG, 1000 pixels or above and in high resolution to: