Kim JONG UN.. Portraits

Kim Jong-Un .. North Korean President. Born 8 January 1983.
North Korea's National Leader Kim Jong-il's youngest son. Following the death of Kim Jong-il on December 17, 2011, the North Korean National Leadership was put into service.
North Korea's state television announced the future of Kim Jong-Un, his 20-year-old son, instead of Kim Jong-il, who died, to the public with the words "Great Successor". After the death of Kim Il Sung, founder of North Korea in 1994, Kim Jong-il, who came to power, chose Kim Jong-un as his successor in September 2010 because of his health problems.
On December 30, 2011, the Korean Workers' Party Politburo officially appointed Kim Congin to the High Command of the Korean People's Army. On July 18, 2012, he was promoted to marshal rank in the North Korean People's Army. Kim Congun is the youngest president in the world.

First years
According to reports in Japanese newspapers, he went to school in Switzerland, near Bern. In his first reports he went to "International School" in Gümligen, near to Bern, under the name of "Chol-pak" until 1993 or "Pak-kol" Shy, with good classmates, and a basketball fan was described as a good student.
In April 2012, documents were published showing that Kim Jong-un had been living in Switzerland since 1991 or 1992 before he was considered. (Source: Milliyet)








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