Results.. The First Nishkhat International Cartoon Contest 2017, Iran

In the Name of God Almighty Dear Artist / Cartoonist
We are pleasedf to announce that the first Nishkhat International Cartoon Contest (2017) held with the participation of many artists / cartoonists from arround the world, 255 Artists / Cartoonists from 48 countries, including Iran, India, Indonesia, turkey, Kazakhstan, russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Cameron, Italy Mexico, France, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Montenegro, Croatia, Brazil, Ireland, Estonia, Egypt, Macedonia, Hungary, Portugal, Uzbekistan, Peru, Czech Republic, Austria, China, Cyprus, Belgium, Australia, Colombia, Spain, Belarus, Myanmar, Philippines, Tanzania, Cuba, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tge United States,  Serbia, syria, Lithuania, Algeria and Canada, submitted a total of more than 1200 cartoons.  The Judgment of Nishkhat cartoon contest was mode by 

We are delighted to inform you that the following works reached the final stage and won the prize and certificate of appreciation

1- Cartoon makes the world a better place. 
2- The press as the fourth principle of democracy.

The Jury:
Javad ALIZADEH, Iran
Vladimir KAZANEVSKY, Ukraine
Musa GÜMÜŞ, Turkey
Ali MIRAEE, Iran
Keyvan VARESI, Iran


First Prize- Jovcho SAVOV, Bulgaria
Second Prize- Mojmir MIHATOV, Croatia
Third Prize- Ali AGHAEY, Iran

Certificate of Appreciation:
Alexandr ZUDIN, Russia
Galym BORANBAYEV, Kazakhstan
Hicabi DEMIRCI, Turkey
Horia CRISAN & Bogdan PETRY, Romania
Ikhsan DWIONA, Indonesia
Jing SHAN, China
Josef PARCHAL, Spain
Karry, Peru
Makhmudjon ESHONKULOV, Uzbekistan
Manuel ARRIAGA, Spain
Mikhail ZLATKOVSKY, Russia
Oleg LOKTYEV, Ukraine
Pavel MATUSKA, Czech
Slobodan BUTIR, Croatia
Tommy THOMDEAN, Indonesia
Coctor SKOPINTSEV, Russia
Wissam ASAAD, Syria

Please pay attention
Artists whose name is on the list of appreciations & winners, please send their full name, address & phone number to the

to submit their prize.