XVII International Cartoon Contest "INDEPENDENCE" 2017, Kiev, Ukraine

Everyone has his own "Independence", for some it's ...., and for others -
The desire to be truly free and independent, including the first. This is a great game, long in civilization, a fight with all sorts of moves, tricks, mistakes, attacks, cunning, defense, victory, defeat or a peaceful draw ...
Chess - "The Game of the Games," no other more representative of this world, humanity has invented, and is unlikely to come up with. It's hard to find someone who is not familiar with this game ....
Here is the Game of Caricature Contest this year. The status of the contest is Ukrainian, unfortunately, of course, but if anyone has a desire, you are welcome ...

XVII International Cartoon Contest "INDEPENDENCE"-2017, Ukraine

1. Theme of the competition: "CHESS".
Chess is an ancient and wise game, synthesizing and absorbing all areas of human activity in an amazing and incomprehensible way. This is more than a game - it is a miniature model of an immense universe. Mankind calls it a game, although in fact, it goes far beyond the scope of this symbol ...
2. Status of the competition: Ukrainian.
3. The following are accepted for the competition:
- originals, including those made by computer
- quality copies (on thick paper!)
Works on electronic media and by e-mail are not accepted!
4. Format: ?4 (297?210mm.).
5. Number of works: maximum 5.
6. On the back of each work must specify: name, name, address, phone number, e-mail.
7. Deadline for receipt of works: October 2, 2017.
8. Together with the work must send a completed application form with a photo.
9. Prizes: Cash prizes, diplomas and prizes from sponsors.
10. The organizers are not responsible for the damage received during the shipment. The works sent to the competition are not reviewed, not returned, and can be used by the organizers for advertising purposes, in publications related to the contest cartoons.
11. The winners of the competition will be notified in addition. As a result of the competition, a catalog will be published, which will be sent to all artists whose works will be included in the catalog. The exhibition of the best works and the awarding of winners will be held in Brovary, Kiev region, in the TRK "Terminal" in October 2017.
12. The results of the contest will be published on the website of the Cartoonists' Association: www.cartoon.org.ua.
13. The jury's decision is final and not subject to revision. Participation in the contest implies that all applicants accept these conditions.
14. Works should be sent to:

Association of cartoonists
PO Box 185,

15. For all additional questions, call the organizer of the contest 
Konstantin Kazanchev: +38 063 578-0482,