International Cartoon Exhibition Wonderful? Wonder World 2017’, Japan.

Exhibition Wonderfull? Wonder World 2017
International Cartoon Exhibition Wonderful? Wonder World 2017’. Japan.

Dear Cartoonists friends over the world
Now we preparing the exhibition ‘Wonderful? Wonder World 2017’.
As you know, our world has more and more serious problems about politics, economy, human-rights, war, refugees and so on. We want cartoonists to express those images.
In Japan, we have very few editorial cartoons in spite of recent situation of the world.

So we want to show Japanese people good cartoons about ‘Wonderful? Wonder World’. 
The exhibition will be held by only volunteers and friends. We want invite your cartoons to this exhibition. After the exhibition, we will contribute the data to supporters and show details on SNS. Your participation will make this exhibition wonderful and successful!
Please share this information with your friends!

Yoshiaki Yokota (a member of FECO, Japan Cartoonists Association)

Inviting date; 1 June~10 July
Exhibition date: 24~31 July
Place: Motoazabu-Gallery in Tokyo

Theme: Recent situation of the world:(politics, economy, human-rights, war, refugees and so on).

Maximum: 3 

Caption and title: Silent and no title cartoons are better. If you need captions, please write in English (or・・・・Japanese・・・).

※Cartoons need not be new. Of course, published or awarded cartoons are OK!
Data: Jpeg, over 300 DPI

send your cartoons via this email:

※If you have any question, please let me know on the address or FB.
Please let us know your name and country.