Donald TRUMP Caricature Contest, Norway

Let's have a little fun with Donald Trump this month and have a caricature contest!  We don't want to make it very hard or confusing, so the rules are simple.

1) You must be a member of Cartoonists Club
2) You must "Attend" this contest.
3) You must share this contest on either your Facebook or Twitter page with the hashtag #CartoonistsClub
4) You must upload a caricature of Donald Trump. 
It's that simple!  Please feel free to include a title of your Caricature.  Cartoonists Club team will pick a winner from the artworks submitted based on the highest voted.

Prize Pool: 
1st. VIP ($20 value) membership one year & certificate.
2nd. ❤ (Heart/ $20 value) membership one year & certificate.
3rd. ✔ (Verified/ $20 value) membership one year & certificate.

Be sure to invite all of your friends and let's make this huge so we can attract some great sponsors and prizes!!
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