4. KalDer Bursa International Cartoon Contest, Bursa, Turkey

The Caricature Contest will be held with collaboration of KalDer Bursa Department and Anadolu Karikatürcüler Dernegi (Anatolian Caricaturists Society) for the 4th time within the 15th Quality and Success Symposium which is going to take place in Bursa
between 14th - 15th of April 2017.
Topic of the Contest: “NEW LIFE”

Explanation about the topic of the contest: Our world has been changing and progressing from its existence point to our day. Humanity took big steps for its own future, everything moved so fast. Sustainability, economy, change, Industry 4.0, universal values, environment, climate changes, rapidly consumed resources in danger of extinction, nature friendly production systems, livable future subjects are being approached in “NEW LIFE” theme.
Last date for application: 19 January 2017, Thursday

The contest is receptive internationally for all amateur and prfessional caricaturists.
Application: Limited with three caricatures, may be e-mailed to bursa@kalder.org in 300 dpi jpg format.

The caricatures can be published, yet should not be awarded in another competition. The
caricatures will be published at www.facebook.com/kalder.bursa social media account
between 21.01.2017 - 31.01.2017 for detection of plagiarism and resemblance. Objections will not be considered after these dates.

Competing caricatures may be printed and used in KalDer organisations(posters, books,
albums, postcards, brochures, invitations, exhibitions, etc.) and published in internet
environment. One of the artworks may be used as the main visual of the 15th Quality and
Success Symposium which will be held in Bursa between 14th to 15th of April 2017. All
remaining publication rights belongs to the author. Competitors are considered to have an
agreement in these conditions.

1st Place 3.000 TL ve plaque
2nd Place 1.500 TL ve plaque
3rd Place 750 TL ve plaque
Three Honorable Mention Plaques
Anatolian Caricaturists Society Special Award (plaque)

Explanation: Reward money and plaques will be sent to respective winners in March 2017.
Reward money will be paid according to exchange rates of the date of payment in USD for
international artists.

Results will be announced at www.facebook.com/kalder.bursa social media account on 06
February 2017, Monday.
Person in Charge of Organisation: Arzu ÖZEL
E-mail Adress for the Works to be sent: bursa@kalder.org

Contact Information:
Phone: +90224 241 60 10

KalDer Bursa Department 
(Türkiye Kalite Dernegi Bursa Department)
Fethiye Mah. Sanayi Cad. No:317/2 
Nilüfer / Bursa / TURKEY

Entry FORM