Humour Exhibition in Spain

In may 5, 2016 the spanish photograph Roman Montesinos opened at Museo Provincial de Lugo (Spain) his photographic exhibition "No le busques los tres pies al gato" (in english more or less: “To split hairs”).

The photographic collection includes 31 photographs of which 30 are unpublished, never exposed in Hall. They are works in various formats and both in color and in black and white.

"The photographic exhibition "No le busques los tres pies al gato" shows a collection of photographs in which the author establishes a symbiosis between objects;" Finally, they recreate a metaphor. It is the universe of "visual metaphors" that contingencies lead to greguerias and transported the viewer to imaginary visions in which humor, social criticism and irony, are their wires.

The photographs of "No le busques los tres pies al gato" have a title, but this must be seen as a proposal. The capacity of each observer and their cultural experiences can make photographs to suggest you another thing quite disparate. It is the greatness of the human mind, which is capable of generating a kaleidoscope of ideas based on a single image.

It is not the first time that the author shows his visual metaphors in the city of Lugo. Three exhibitions in the Meson do Forno, one at the Nodal Library and one in the room Isaac Díaz Pardo of the Campus Universitary of Lugo, backed by his continued presence in the city."

Kind regards,

Roman M.