Golden Helmet Announces XXV Contest Titled Migration, Krusevac 2017, Serbia

Golden Helmet Announces XXV Contest Titled Migration
1. Cartoon
2. Written Form
- Short story
- Poem
- Aphorism
1. Cartoon:
Original, Min. A4 (210x297 mm), Max A3 (297x420 mm),
Technique Free;
2. Written Form:
Maximum Two Typed Pages Or Up To 20 Aphorisms
1st Award: Plaque Golden Helmet...600 €...One-Man Exhibition In 2017.
2nd Award...400 €
3rd Award...200 €
Written Form
Short Story: Plaque Golden Helmet...200 €
Poem: Plaque Golden Helmet...200 €
Aphorism: Plaque Golden Helmet...200 €
Special Award Rade Brka...200 €.

DEADLINE: 25. 01. 2017

Only unpublished works will be taken into consideration.
Author's short biography, phone number and e-mail address are obligatory.
Written works are to be sent under the code!
All the works are to be sent exclusively via the postal service.
Jury decision will be announced on 11. 02. 2017.
Awards will be handed at Final Festival Evening on April 1, 2017.
The Organizer will bear travel and accommodation expenses of awarded authors.
Festival official langauges are Serbian and English.
All works remain property of the Festival.
Entry Form on source and below.

Cultural Center - Kruševac
International Festival on Humour and Satire Golden Helmet
Toplicina no. 2;
37000 Kruševac

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