International Cartoon Contest Grafikatur®, Lübben, Germany

The Town of Lübben (Spreewald) announces the 9th
International Cartoon Contest Grafikatur® on the topic
of “Smartphone”.

You may submit a photocopy (no return) of up to three
cartoons each of which should not exceed a size of
297 x 420mm. The cartoons may not contain any words.
The sender must be clearly indicated on the back of
each photocopy.

Your cartoons need to be received by 30th June 2016
to the city council:
Stadtverwaltung Lübben
Fachbereich II
Postfach 1551
D-15905 Lübben (Spreewald)

¨Goldene Feder¨ (Golden Plume) – EUR 1000
¨Silberne Feder¨ (Silver Plume) – EUR 800
¨Bronzene Feder¨ (Bronze Plume) – EUR 600