31th International Of Humor Exhibition Piaui, Brazil, 2016

31th International Of Humor Exhibition Piaui/Brazil,2016
5-9 November,2016

31 to the Piauí Humor Exhibition will honor 31 people. Some have enormous contribution to the creation and construction of the event. Other cartoonists are first-time, but also valuable for their work. To remember, but not covered here, we will have new rooms and new honors, Here are to be honored in this edition, with faith, hope and love: 

Albert Piauí, Arnaldo Albuquerque, Antonio Amaral, Cleriston Andrade, Carlos Netherlands Di Netherlands, Chico Caruso, Dino Alves, Dodo Macedo, Fal, Fani Loss, Fred Ozanan, Gervasio Castro Neto, Izânio Achievement, JBosco Azevedo, Jeovaldick Soriano Lopes, Jota Costa, Jal José Alberto Lovetro, Joaquim Monteiro, Jaguar, José Elias Martins area Lion Lailson Netherlands, Lapi, Cartoonist Nilton Magalhaes, Nonato Oliveira, Paulo Moura, Paulo Caruso, Peter Supply, Suélen Becker, Solda, Veronica Saiki and William Medeiros.