"Toons Mag" Cartoonist Of The Year Award, Norway, 2016

Firs Publication: 28.02.2016
Update: 21.06.2016
I know personally that a little award or appreciation can motivate deeply. It can inspire and change a life.

The Cartoonist of the year Award is my initiative to give inspiration to others. The theme this year is “Freedom of Expression”. 
Send your cartoon to tOOns MaG or nominate your favorite. Deadline for participating is 1st of November 2016. 
The prize is NOK 1000 (Norwegian Kroner).
A jury will give this award to a cartoonist for best artwork. The winner´s name will be announced in tOOns MaG 16th of December 2016. Thanks.
Arifur Rahman
Founder and Publisher, tOOns MaG.
FactsThe nomination Deadline is 1st of November and we will announce the winner name in 16th December each year. 
No artist can nominate herself or himself for Cartoonist Of The Year Award. 
The Award Committees are responsible for the selection of the candidates.
Award winner artist will receive 1,000 (One Thousand) Norwegian Kroner and Certificates.
Artist's Artwork should be publish at tOOns MaG.

tOOns MaG
Publisher: Arifur Rahman
Drøbak, Norway

Website: tOOn MaG
(Source: Tabriz Cartoons)