Hall Medplan Humor Defines Theme of the 8th Edition

The organizing committee of Medplan Humor Exhibition hit the hammer and already set the theme of its 8th edition. Will be the "Intolerance", a practice known as disrespect for
differences, be they aesthetic origin, religious, political, opinion, among others.

The intolerance is manifested in various ways, and has always been present throughout the history of mankind as a motivator of negative events, like wars, persecutions and murders.

With the spread of new technologies, the latest stage of manifestations of intolerance is the internet. Social networks have become a court where the "defendants" are judged by an expanse of "judges" who use the own convictions as an excuse to spread hatred.

And in the ordinary circumstances of everyday life, intolerance is also present in small gestures: a derogatory look, a bigoted joke, the bullyng at school, aggressive comments, and other forms of rejection that only harm the good life in society.

It's about this vast and current theme that Brazilian and foreign artists will lean from April 8, when they begin registration for the 8th Medplan Humor Exhibition. Registrations will continue until the 15th of June and will be made ?? through the Medplan Portal or by sending the original to the plane seat.

The winners of the 8th edition will be announced on July 31, with the opening of the traveling show of the event, which again will feature the category of cartoons.

We liked the proposal? So get to work!
Website: medplan.com.br
(Source: Evernote)