Results of The 3rd International Cartoon Contest of Stock and Investment / IRAN / 2014

Selected works of the third series of international competition jury of the competition were announced by the Exchange. 
According to the Secretariat of the International Cartoon Exhibition of Exchange, Exchange Cartoons
jury after the exhibition, the two stages of the review and selection. Accordingly, the final results are as follows: 

First place:  İsmail Babai, Iran 
Second: Muhammad Ali Khalaji from Iran 
Third: Mehdi Azizi of Iran 

Jury members also fourth and seventh respectively introduced as follows: 

4 Lvkyanchkvygvr of Ukraine 
5 Hadi Kazemi from Iran 
6 live updates from Iran 
7 Ali Shabani from Iran 

Lebanon is also Radon Alfrakh-Jing Shan Li of China -Vayly Alksandvf of Russia Maxim Asmagyn of the Iran-Russia S. Shawky S. Alireza Rezaei of Iran-Georg Lykvrysy Romania was chosen from the garden of Iran and Iranian-Amin Jvayv Bvskv of Brazil also deserves praise from the judges were introduced. 
Award winners were announced after the publication of the exhibition will be presented with a certificate of participation. 
Source: Saba Graphic

1. İsmail Babai

 2. Muhammed Ali Khalaji
3. Mehdi Azizi