9th Phodar International Photo - Biennial on the Topic of There Is No Bigger Vice Than Fear - 2015


1. PHODAR Foundation organizes the Ninth International PHODAR Biennial. The topic of this year’s eventis “No vice is greater than fear” and it relatesto
 a novel which needs no introducing – ‘The Master and Margarita’ by Mikhail BULGAKOV 
The topic is a free quotation from the book. We dedicate the festival to Mikhail BULGAKOV and his book, which does not mean that the photos are expected to illustrate the novel as long as they relate to the topic. The competition is open to artists from around the world. 
2. The Biennial accepts monochrome and colour digital photographs in JPEG format with a minimum of 2000 px on the long side, not larger than 2 MB, or paper copies up to 50 cm (long side). We do not accept works which have participated in previous PHODAR events.
Information about the files, including the year of the pictures, the author’s portrait photo and a short biography, should also be submitted in digital form for publishing in the event catalogue. 
3. The collections should be e-mailed to phodar.new@gmail.comOnly for the works on paper:
4. On the back of each photo (in the bottom right corner) the following should be written: name of the work, year of capture, author’s name, address and country, image number for works of a series/cycle and a display scheme (for participation in the second and third section). The visual and textual information should have a digital copy on CD or DVD for the festival archive5. The collections should be sent by registered post (without declared value) to the following address: 

PO Box 55, 
Sofia 1510, Bulgaria. 

Please label all solid packaging to ease their return. The pack should not exceed 2 kg. The transportation costs are covered in full (in both directions) by the author.
Note: The organizers cannot be held liable for damages or losses caused by the provider of the postal services.
5. Categories:
The First section includes a file of 5–12 digital photographs with coherent feel.
The Second section is for a file of 5–12 photographs with coherent feel, printed on paper.
The Third section – Photo School, is for authors who are in a learning period or in 
their early career. They can send photographs for the first or second section for 
which the general conditions apply.  However, on the back of each hard copy or 
digital collection the author must write “Photo School”.
6. Every author has the right to participate in one of the three sections with one 
7. The PHODAR organizers reserve the right to publish the works as publicity of 


8. Awards

Grand Prix – 750 Euro
Award for Humanistic Photography – 500 Euro
Award in Section I – 400 Euro
Award in Section II – 300 Euro
Award in Section III – 200 Euro
Special Prize of the Salon – the PHODAR Statuette
The awarded works on paper copies remain the property of PHODAR BIENNIAL.

9. Calendar of PHODAR BIENNIAL: 
•  Deadline for application (by registered mail or e-mail): 28.02.2015 (final date of receiving) 
•  Selection of works: 12-13. 03. 2015. 
•  Exhibition: 15.05 - 20.06.2015, Iliya Beshkov Art Gallery – Pleven (Bulgaria), opening: 18:30 
The exhibition will be accompanied by personal and collective exhibitions, and a 
two-day theoretical seminar on the topic “No vice is greater than fear”. 
International Jury 
е-mail: phodar.new@gmail.com 

Entry form - Download
Web: Phodar Biennial
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Entry Form

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