Similar Cartoons in Turkey and Signature Campaign

31st time winning first place in an international competition held in the work committed to the idea of the cartoon also inspired in previous years, indicating that other examples have emerged.

In 1983, in Montreal, in 2009 in DICACO, 2013 in cartoons showcased at the Zagreb airport shuttle seen people waiting coffin instead.

Signature Campaign
They wanted to make changes in specifications and draw as follows:
1- Works to be awarded in previous competitions prerequisite.
2- Jury preselection as a result of the final cartoons organizes the competition of the Union on the official website ('s), an international jury of the collection will pass up period, similar, stolen and other appeal for a certain period of time (7-15 days) publication Keeping .
3- After the allotted time, and such objections consideration of the appeal decision by evaluating the binding authority to be on the jury.

Grand Prize- 2014
Kursad ZAMAN
Aydin DOGAN  International
Cartoon Competition