Gentletude Comics Award is an international award in comic strips.. Italy

The comic  is an art, like a painting, a poem, a novel or any artistic composition that is used to express a condition, internal or external, of the artist. At first it was considered a hybrid between writing and image,

something halfway between cinema, literature and design, then it spreads the name of this art: Sequential Art. This has become in the last century a form of communication absolutely original that uses the icon to represent reality, but also to interpret it.
The 2014 award wants to invite to produce a new reality that is imbued with kindness, attention and care towards others, the environment and the planet.
The prize is intended to encourage to be creative, challenging a concept known and often not adopted: Kindness.

Gentletude Comics Award is an international award in comic strips open to :
Comic book illustrators
Students in one of the three sections
How to send the material:
The comic strips (max. 2 ) with maximum 3 cartoons of 5×5 cm dimension must be sent using this FORM ONLINE
We ask  to submit to the jury a comic strip presenting the theme of Kindness. We imagine Kindness as an attitude that goes beyond good manners and courtesy. The Kindness that we imagine is a set of sincere quality: gratitude, patience and respect, love and care for the environment and for the animals. Therefore Kindness as a distinctive indicator of well-being of society.
Competition Calendar
Call for entries opens:January 31st, 2014
Call for entries closes: July 31st, 2014 
Jury session: September 1st, 2014
Worldwide communication of the winner: September 16, 2014
Projects will be evaluated on the basis of a screening based on:
Consistency with the announcement of the competition
technical value
artistic value
communicative value
1st Prize of 1000 Euro and the Gentletude Award Certificate
2nd and 3rd Prizes of 500 Euro and the Gentletude Award Certificate
Note: By participating to this contest and sending the art works, the author assigns the rights of use and the property to Gentletude, who shall be entitled to use them in every field whatsoever (therein included but not limited to the publication in the site, in the social networks, in the brochures and calendars, be they on paper or virtual).
More information
Fill the form in all its parts. The sections highlighted by a red asterisk are mandatory.
You can upload maximum two files in jpeg, resolution 300 Dpi in format 1:1.